segunda-feira, 14 de novembro de 2016

I want to drink all the love you give me.

Embrace your soul

Plunge into your heart

To Share me

I want to Stop hiding me

in anguish and fears

that freeze me

I want to embrace the unknown.

Sail into tomorrow

I want to be

Gentle breeze  pouring down your body

I want to be tender magic

exhale dreams

Savor every moment

I want

Walk the road for two

holding hands

I want to be your safe harbor.

Your anchor

Your Washed soul
And then it fell on me

A storm of transparencies

That left me

Full of certainties

A faint light opened gaps

quietly insistently

Without usurping spaces

started To break the ice

turned black's purity

In a hot mist

That involved me

Strengthened me

Took me in it's arms

To other stops

Opened horizons

That I thought lost

doors That I thought closed

And Painted My walk  in bright colors

I got lost

I got caught up in moorings

soft and tender

they imprison me

absorbed sensations

I embarked in feelings

That on this stage

push me

In your direction

I can not stop thinking

That we are mere characters

Expectant of tomorrow

Instruments of our own decisions

About to write a guideline

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2016

Once upon a time, a girl,
with dreams
and yearnings
Become a Woman
And remained clinging to them
Her dreams were her food
They would quench her thirst
And placated the pain
She walked
through life
Which stepmother
undeceived her
YET the dreams
Her yearnings
With her continued
They whispered softly
They would cradle her
Giving her hope
You've came back to haunt me.
That lie inert
Buried in tears
and anguishes
stood in shadows.
And  wrapped me
you knocked
All the barriers erected
transformed now
In clear dust
You ruined my decisions.
that hit
Like a house of cards
I'm jealous
Of the water that touches your body
Jealous of rain
That falls and seduces you
I'm jealous
Of that Butterfly Scratching the Skies
So free, innocent and pure
And captures your attention
I'm jealous
Of the music that enters your ears
And touches your soul
I'm jealous
of he odor that flowers
Launch and enfold you
As they I want to be
Sun key that attracts you
Inebriate Perfume
Sunrise that awakens you
Sunset that caresses you
Constellation of stars that guide you
Shallow, opaque, empty and tired
No color, no sound, no odor or taste
I feel everything though
Yet my heart is cold very cold
And time drags on and on though it runs
It Escapes through the fingers
It Escapes from my dreams
It's very cold cold
I'm trapped in here,
And it's only in my dreams in my desires
that i feel warm
I await you there
far away
Where dreams embrace a river of hope
Where time plays
and space feels
Yet You did not come to me, I know.
I wait for you
far away
Wrapped in seeds of pain
In an anguished nest lying down
I wait for you
far away
Without ever getting tired
in the solitude of my room
I think of you
where objects remind me of you
glaring ate the scented pad
that you were holding while you were sleeping
And It's here and now
That i realize
I want to feel your smell
the heat that your space still exudes
I want to perpetuate this moment
save each particle
each odor
every word
I want to absorb this moment
I dare to wait
A sweet and hot tomorrow
I dare to wait
A river of hope
where to sail
By the gentle breeze of love
I dare to wait
Hands that surround my body
In shivering distills and hot kisses
I dare to wait
A warm and tender
silence of words
Hollow of screams
and despair
Empty of pain
I dare to wait
One Morning
Full of dreams
Full of color and flavor
I craddle myself in
shadows that
Embrace silence
They're  feed on pain and

They corner me
create tentacles
That pull us away

They are fallen and rotting leaves
That blackens the soul
Erect obstacles of insecurity
That dominate us

I want to run from them
And abandon myself into the pleasure of discovery
I want to be the water that runs
I wanna feel the warmth of the sun
I want to sail in the wind
And board without moorings

sábado, 24 de janeiro de 2015

O silêncio oprime-me esmaga-me a vontade.
A vontade de te ter
A vontade de te perder
A inação abandona-me á indecisão
trás- nos imperfeição tudo sem acção e actuação.
Perdemo-nos nos caminhos que trilhamos e não quisemos
Neles lançamos o nosso abandono

sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

Oca, opaca, vazia e cansada
Sem cor, sem som, sem odor nem sabor
Sinto no entanto tudo
Está frio muito frio
e o tempo arrasta-se e no entanto corre
escapa-se por entre os dedos
escapa-se-me dos sonhos
Está frio muito frio

sábado, 8 de agosto de 2009

A menina

Era uma vez uma menina,
Com sonhos
e anseios
Tornou-se mulher
e continuou agarrada a eles
eram o seu alimento
matavam-lhe a sede
e aplacavam-lhe a dor
pela vida
que madrasta
a desenganava
e os sonhos
os anseios
as aspirações
com ela continuavam
sussuravam baixinho
e embalavam-na
dando-lhe esperança
Essa menina sou eu
continuo a sonhar

segunda-feira, 26 de maio de 2008

Imprimi sonhos

em pálidas folhas

desfizeram-se em poeira

levados por suave brisa

que me assolou

ganharam asas


por aí

terça-feira, 5 de fevereiro de 2008

O silêncio esmaga-me

Oprime-me a vontade

É impressionante a força do vazio

Busca tentáculos que me asfixiam

Ganha intensidade na inércia que me rodeia

E é aqui que me apercebo
a verdade atinge-me
Nua e crua!


perdi-me algures

ao longo deste percurso